Blu Burger Grille – Here’s What We Thought About It

What do you consider a great burger? Everyone has different tastes and preferences; however, chances are if you love a great burger, you are willing to try something new from time to time, as well. The Blu Burger Grille offers an interesting and unique menu, which makes the drive out to the outskirts of the Phoenix metro area well-worth it.

Located in North Scottsdale, close to the Keirland Commons, Blu Burger Grille is nestled in a rather fancy looking strip mall you will find at the northeast corner of Greenway and Scottsdale Roads. Chances are you will see quite a few people heading into this burger joint, which is always a good indication of something tasty ahead. If you are unsure to go; however, you will find this Burger restaurant just a few doors down from the well-known Chipotle restaurant.

It seems like this place stays pretty busy, so be sure you have at least a few minutes to wait if you are planning on eating there. There is no lobby area, so you may have to wait outside. If you are by yourself or just a party of two, you will likely be able to find a spot at the bar, since it seems like this is a family-favorite restaurant.

The decor is a bit retro, featuring 70s style “hand” chairs covered in red velvet. This added a bit of fun to the atmosphere and made it clear why families with younger children loved to dine here. The 70s decor is eclectic and entertaining for those who didn’t actually live in the decade.

The menu offers a number of different options, including several different burgers, such as Turkey, Angus, Kobe and more. You can also choose the size burger you prefer with the biggest option being eight ounces. After the burgers you will find a list of all the extras you can pile on top of your burger. Some of these options include various types of cheeses, vegetables, sauces, relishes and other options. You can even add caramelized onions, Applewood smoked bacon or additional cheese for an extra fee. The remainder of the menu features a variety of salads and sandwiches.

The actual space inside the restaurant is small and the table area is in a sort of question mark design. The walls were blue and there is art splattered here and there throughout the restaurant. Your table is marked with a small plastic spatula that holds a number, nothing fancy, but this is just another burger spot, so the food typically makes up the lackluster design aesthetic.

The food is good, but a bit higher priced than other burger joints in the area. Also, the wait staff seems to have a hard time keeping all the sides and toppings straight. It may be a good idea for the owners to cut back on the options that are offered, it would make it easier on everyone. Overall the experience was good, but the price was a bit high for a single burger and fries.