10 cool tips for grilling aficionados

With the current increase in number of meat lovers in the country, you can`t help but venture into the meat business. Well, upgrading your grilling skills is the first thing you need to do. All you need to do is read these tips and seriously commit to them and after that, you won`t need any recipe!

1. Choice of fuel

Wood? Charcoal? Gas? When it comes to these popular types of fuel, most people are torn between on what to use. Give a try on wood and you will be surprised, wood adds flavor to food and it’s more manageable. On the other side, you can use lump wood charcoal for desirable results.

2. Preheat your grill

Ever grilled and noticed that the food was sticking? Well, it is a hell of an experience that no one wants to go through. All you have to do to ensure good cooking is preheat your grill for about 20mins before cooking to avoid all the unnecessary problems.

3. Go for a grilling pan

This is the best tool that you can ever use especially when grilling small food like the chopped veggies. With it, no food will fall through the cooking grate.

4. Salt your food

This is the first thing you should d0 hours before you even think of grilling, this helps the meat to retain water hence it remains juicy.

5. Do a warm-up

For about 30mins before grilling, remove your steak from the fridge and let it to the room temperature. Unless you want to grill the ugliest dish then you shouldn’t skip this step.

6. Let it rest

Giving your steak for about 10 minutes to cool before slicing will surprisingly bring desirable results. Here the colors get recalibrated and juices spread, surely a few minutes of patience will not kill you.

7. Thickness

All you want is your steak well cooked and delicious. One and a half or probably two inches is the most suitable thickness that will ensure the interior parts receive ideal temperatures required for a perfect steak.

8. Season gently

You don’t have to go through the whole cooking process and destroy everything by over-seasoning it.  Just rub the seasonings gently into the food.

9. Crack your own pepper

Of course, you want to spice your steak and also add crunch, to achieve this all you have to do is crush peppercorns with a heavy skillet and add it to the steak.

10. Grip, don’t stab

The worst mistake that you can make is using a fork and the worst of all is using a knife. A pair of tongs is the most appropriate tool around to use, knives and forks create holes in the meat  thus causing  important juices to drain.

If you are among the people who always want the best or want to do a perfect work then you shouldn’t skip any of these steps