Smartphone apps to find the best restaurants around

Smartphone apps to find the best restaurants around

Good restaurants are all over, but it can be quite hard pinpointing them especially when you’re in a new town or city. The good news, though? Your smartphone can come to your aid.  There are several good restaurant apps that will help you find the best places for a perfect meal, anytime anyplace.


Want to find restaurants near you without having to ask around? This is the app you need. OpenTable delivers a list of photos, reviews, details and menus that help you browse through various restaurants right from the comfort of your hotel room. It’s super easy to use, and you can even make reservations from your smartphone. The only downside is that you’ll be required to create a profile and log in. This done, though, you can enter the time when you want to eat and the number of people who’ll accompany you. You can compare rates from various restaurants to make sure that you’re getting the best deals on excellent foods. OpenTable is available for both Android and iOS powered devices.


Ever had a good friend recommend a food joint to you? You probably didn’t question their recommendation. Footspotting smartphone app is like a good friend. It finds restaurants close to you and makes a recommendation where the best place to eat is. It works based on foods and photos. For instance, someone will post a photo of a dish they loved and you can like it, or save as a favorite. If interested in giving it a try, you’ll find the relevant restaurant’s information. It’s fun to use!


Yelp is a reviews database of international repute. It lists millions of businesses and actual reviews from their customers. When Yelp came by, it was one of the first companies to help people find good restaurants. Today, you can use this platform to identify good dining spots in just about any city in the US. The app identifies your location and delivers restaurant profiles, including menu items, photos, and reviews as well. Once you visit a restaurant, you can give your own review so that others can also benefit from your own experience. Yelp is particularly a great way to hunt for happy hour and special menus!


traveladvisor is a resource for every traveler. It delivers quality information related to restaurants and hotels in your area. You can easily book flights, as well as reserve a hotel room right from this app. You’ll be able to browse through a list of restaurants looking at their respective menus, reviews, and photos. once you find one that you like, you can make a reservation, hassle free! TravelAdvisor features scores of fine-tuned filtering options so that you can narrow down your search. You’ll, however, need Wi-Fi to make the best use out of this app.

These apps can be immensely helpful when you’re just looking for the best restaurant in your vicinity. The fact that you can browse through other customers’ reviews, as well as look at photos of various dishes makes the experience real! So you don’t really have to make calls or ask strangers when you need to figure out where to eat in a new town.